The forum has 100% of all mental health trusts in England as members and therefore is well placed to share views of what the future development should look like on a national platform. 


Forum Membership

The Forum firstly provides a platform for Nurse Executives to learn from each other’s experience in our current day to day activities and more importantly look forward to the future agenda, so we are best prepared to provide leadership in development services, to offer the best for patients. This is excellently supported by our conferences which we hold throughout the year and are well attended.


How to Join

If you would like to join the Forum then please contact either:

Peter Hasler - Forum Development Officer

Gemma Chenery-Jones - Forum Admin

Membership Benefits

  • Networking with colleagues across the country

  • Focusing on national policy agendas most relevant to roles

  • Mutual support and interaction to enable members to work more efficiently thus improving nursing care and practice in MH & LD care organisations

  • Reduced Conference fees (see below for Full membership)

  • Reduced fees for Educational programmes

  • Improving the patient experience and peer support

  • Development of senior nurses in mental health

  • Opportunities to influence national policy and developments through representation on SHA’s National Nurse Advisory and Development Groups

  • An interactive website and Internet communication facilities dedicated to the work of Nurse Directors and Leads in Mental Health and Learning Disabilities

  • The "Leading Minds" newsletter, which is written by members to update others on areas of innovation and discussion across the Forum.


Additional Membership Benefits

  • The forum was set up in 2004 with the aim to develop a first class communication network for Senior Executives & Leads working in the Mental Health and Learning Disability Sectors.

  • Since then the forum has grown, membership covers 100% of all relevant MH trusts in England, the Forum also supports groups such as the Matrons & Clinical Leeds Network and Nurse Consultants.

  • During 2010 the forum has supported some special events that were aimed at those staff looking to apply for director roles in the next couple of years.

  • Initial events set up – A “development centre” session which support people in preparing for this part of the interview process.

  • Masterclasses such as “Learning from mental health investigations” & “NHS Finance” with invited experts speaking on specialist subjects.

Key Features

Key features of a company limited by guarantee and how it differs from a limited company or charity:

  1. It has no share capital; and

  2. Council members merely guarantee that if the company is ever in financial difficulties and is wound up, they will contribute a certain amount to the funds to be distributed to creditors.


Strengthening the Governance Arrangements of the Forum

At the beginning of 2007 the Forum sought legal advice in regard to their governance and financial arrangements. From discussions, it was evident that the Forums position was not protected in terms of their liability, particularly as the forum has contractual arrangements with organisations who support the forum’s communications and marketing. To protect our members from any financial liability, in June 2007 the Forum become a Limited Company by Guarantee.

In British or Irish company law, a company limited by guarantee is an alternative type of corporation used primarily for non-profit organisations that require legal personality. A guarantee company does not have a share capital, but has members who are guarantors instead of shareholders. The guarantors give an undertaking to contribute a nominal amount (typically £1) towards the winding up of the company in the event of a shortfall upon cessation of business. It cannot distribute its profits to its members, and is therefore eligible to apply for charitable status if necessary.

Like a private limited company, a company limited by guarantee must include the suffix "Limited" in its name, unless specifically excluded by law. The Forum satisfies an exception and therefore does not need to include the term Limited.

Common uses of guarantee companies include clubs, membership organisations, other social enterprises, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and charities (such as Oxfam).

The constitution is based on the “foundation” model, which will provide that the Council members from a company law perspective are the directors of the company for the time being and members will be “Associate Members”, having the rights conferred by the Articles.

The Council, formally known as the ‘Steering Group’ will be your representatives for each region and the ‘Directors’ of the Forum

To become a member of the Council please contact Gemma Chenery-Jones

Membership Cost

Full Membership £800.00

1 Full member, 3 associates
(Includes 1 free space to 2 conferences per year)

Additional Associate £50.00

Access for additional associate members to private site

Individual Membership

Must be a registered Nurse

Public Individuals£50

Independent Health or Charity£100

Private individuals£250

Where an organisation wishes to join but believes its RN (MH) workforce to be small in comparison to other trusts represented, a reduced membership rate may be negotiated.

Membership Fees run from May - May